James Deen X Sex Toys Canada - The Interview

James Deen X Sex Toys Canada – The Interview

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Daaamn!!! You’ve done just over 1300 movies in only 8 years in the biz that’s about 163 movies a year! Ron Jeremy did 2158 movies in 33 years – that’s 65 a year. So by retirement at this same pace, your 33-year career would be 5379 movies! Are you planning on breaking his record? 

Actually, I have done closer to 3 or 4000 movies. every place i look has a
different number for my movie or scene count and it is hard to nail down an
exact number. The best we have been able to figure out is that assuming I
do about 350 movies or scenes a year and the first few years I did 2 or 3 a
day so multiply 350 by 8 and ad dabout 700-1000.

For that much action, you must use a lot of lube!! Which is favorite?

I like whatever the girl i am having sex with likes.

Do you recommend your favorite products to friends?

Condoms. i recommend condoms to everyone

Considering you’re currently one of the biggest male stars in the world, do family or friends ask you for sex advice?


Does it make you feel weird? How do you answer?

Not really. The answer depends on the question

Canadian girls are known to be crazy in bed! Have you ever been with a Canadian girl? Any Stories? 

I have been with a bunch of Canadian girls. i actually have shot multiple
times in Montreal

What’s your favorite part of a women’s body? 

Each girl is different so i prefer different parts on different women.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Nothing really. I have had some weird phone calls where people have
stalked down my phone number before. I am a pretty approachable guy so
usually people don’t need to do anything crazy.

We know you used to serve coffee during college. If you were going to make a porn parody in a Starbucks, what would go down?

Working in Starbucks is practically a porn. Everyone there is banging one
another or the costumers. Pretty much the same as working in a restaurant.
Put a bunch of decent looking people in a room together and eventually they
will start banging.

We’re convinced your new toy line with Doc Johnson will do extremely well. The girls at the office are stoked! Is there anything you can tell us about what products we can expect? 

i hope they do well also. I am happy that Doc Johnson agreed to use both
materials to mold my cock so all people can use it depending on their

What was the process of developing your toy line?

Chad Braverman and I talked and were pretty much on the exact same page so there was not much process beyond a meeting for about 10 minutes.

What input did you have on the designs?

Doc is one of the best companies in the world and are super considerate in
the marketing and design strategy. they will give me as much or as little
design control as i desire. I trust them and I think they are doing an
amazing job so the process is pretty much they make it, show it to me and
then we tweak it to perfection. So far my only changes have been to swap out a picture for a different one. Or small things like that.

Was is it tough to stay hard during the molding process?

I thought it was going to be but the whole thing went super fast. You can
see in the mold, that it set as i was going down but pretty much you get
hard they put the goop on you and by the time you are soft the mold has
been set and is finished.

What were some of your favorite sex toys to use when intimate with a lady? 

As far as toys to use with a lady, again, her choice. If there is something I want to do, I just do it. Usually that doesn’t involve standard toys. More like whatever I see
laying around the room.

We would like to thank James Deen for doing this interview! You can check out his awesome blog at jamesdeenblog.com - You can find his line of toys on our store at http://bit.ly/JamesDeen



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